Getting stylecop errors for disabled Rules in a newly added project to the solution

Recently I faced an issue setting up stylecop to a new project in a solution.

Here is the problem  statement:

In my solution StyleCopSettings has a Rule (UsingDirectivesMustBePlacedWithinNamespace) which is disabled but when I build the solution in release mode, I still see stylecop error saying Using directives must be inside the namespace.

  <Analyzer AnalyzerId="StyleCop.CSharp.OrderingRules">
        <Rule Name="UsingDirectivesMustBePlacedWithinNamespace">
            <BooleanProperty Name="Enabled">False</BooleanProperty>
      <AnalyzerSettings />

The solution to this is to add a Stylecop settings file in the project to point to the one in the solution. This helped resolving the issue:

<StyleCopSettings Version="105">
    <StringProperty Name="LinkedSettingsFile">..\..\SolutionSettings.StyleCop</StringProperty>
    <StringProperty Name="MergeSettingsFiles">Linked</StringProperty>