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New PowerBI dashboard button not showing in D365

Recently we had a requirement to show existing PowerBI dashboards in Dynamics 365.

When we tried to create a Power BI dashboard in dynamics, we couldn’t see the “New PowerBI dashboard” option on Dashboards page.


The problem was the PowerBI dashboards feature in Dynamics has to be enabled before we can go ahead and add a dashboard.

This is how to enable it:

  • Sign-in to Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a user with the system administrator security role.
  • Go to Settings > Administration > System Settings.
  • On the Reporting tab in the Allow Power BI visualization embedding option, select Yes to enable.
  • Click OK.

Once you are done, refresh the Dashboards page and you should now be able to see the Add new button.



Note: To access PowerBI dashboards in Dynamics, the users would need Power BI pro license. Exception being if customer has power BI premium, in that case only users creating power bi reports need to have power bi pro licenses.


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Resco Field service mobile app – Error loading woodford solution – CRM metadata failed to refresh

If you are trying to make any customizations to the Resco Field service Mobile app, you would encounter few strange issues at times which can block development.

Note: In case you are unaware, the silverlight based woodford solution just works in IE(Tested in IE11) and that too in non-incognito mode i.e. if you are working in incognito mode, the solution will fail to load.

Also many times the solution gets loaded but towards the end it gives you error saying CRM metadata failed to refresh and then all you can access is your Profile tab (and other non dev related tabs).

I haven’t been able to find a solution to the above problem except for restarting IE again, seems like a caching issue.

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Get Device ConnectionString from IOTHub using LogicApp

As of today, there are 3 connectors to Azure IOT Hub:


I recently had a requirement to get the Device Connectionstring from IOTHub using DeviceId and IOT Hub connectionstring.

The solution comprised of following 2 items:

  1.  Custom connector to get Device Connectionstring
    1. This is a Web api deployed on Azure which has a Post method, takes in DeviceId and IOTHub connectionstring and returns Device Connectionstring using Azure IOTHub sdk.
    2.  HTTP + Swagger action was used in Logic app to consume this.
  2.  Logic app wrapper which was consumed by other apps.

If you want to use the Connector, consume the following swagger file:


Here’s the logic app definition: