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Not able to see Requirement groups on the schedule board – Dynamics 365 Field service

If you are working with Requirement groups and want to schedule them using the schedule board and not able to find them on the board, you are at the right place.

Resource requirements don’t appear on the Schedule board by default, it has to be configured from the Schedule board settings area.

Let’s see how to do it:

If you see the default Schedule board, there’s no view configured for Requirement groups. Click on the Schedule board settings icon:

Go to Requirement Panels settings area:

Add a view by selecting View type = Requirement Group

You should now see another view for scheduling Resource Requirements

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Restricting resources for customers in Dynamics 365 Field service

I have used Preferred Resource for Accounts in Field services a lot many times, which basically means that you can configure if the customer has some preferred resources and it helps the dispatcher to schedule those resources (if available) for a better customer experience.

Recently I came across how to configure if the customer doesn’t want a Resource to be allocated for their work orders.

How we do it is using the same Resource Preferences records but instead of choosing “Preferred ” preference type we use “Restricted”.

Adding Resource preferences:

Create a Resource preference of type “Restricted”

On schedule assistant, the restricted preferences will be applied and the resources would be filtered on the scheduled board if they are Restricted for a customer.

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How to show Crew on the schedule board in Dynamics 365 Field Services

If you have configured Crews in Field Services and trying to figure out why they aren’t showing on the Schedule board then you are in the right place.

The schedule board has few default filters and the default filter settings don’t have Crews configured to be shown on the board.

Let’s open the Filter settings in the board settings. Here is what the default settings look like:


Let’s open the Filter layout and scroll down to see the section which lists various resource type ids that should be displayed on the board:



Now, if we want to add Crew to this list, we need to add another item with value 6 in this list. Here’s how the config looks after the change:



Save the config and give it a name and apply. You should now see Crews in the Resource type in the filter pane:




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Setup Work Hour templates in D365 Field services

Although setting up Work hour templates in Field services isn’t that hard but it isn’t very intuitive either.

The first step is to configure work hours for one of the Resources in the system.




Once you are done configuring work hours for a resource, you can go to Work hour templates in Resource scheduling and create a new template using the resource you just configured in the previous step.





Next step is to apply the template to the resources in the system.


PS: You can apply the work hour template to maximum of 25 resources at a time, if there are more than 25 resources you’d have to do it in steps 🙂



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Not able to connect to D365 Tenant from Plugin registration tool

I recently created a new D365 CE Trial instance and was able to work with it.

However, when I tried connecting to it using Plugin registration tool, it failed to connect, giving an Authentication error(401).

Seems like there has been a recent change how Microsoft allows users to connect the CRM org.

Microsoft will support only TSL 1.2 or above going forward. So in case, you try connecting to your newly created org using an older version, you will get authentication issue.

Download the latest SDK tools using from the following link and try connecting again:



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Configuring Sync filters in Resco CRM Mobile app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Services

Sync filters define what records should be synched in offline mode.

Basically only these records will be stored in local app DB.
In online mode, all records would be flown in as a stream, if you want to restrict them, either create view filter or select Apply sync filter in online mode for the view.



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Making custom entities Geocode enabled in Resco Mobile CRM App for Field Services

If you have worked with Resco Mobile CRM app for Field services, you would know that the Account entity which has Address fields (precisely Longitude and latitude fields) have Action buttons on the Map Section which allows the User to update Geocode or update the Address.


In our case, the Customer wanted the same experience for a custom entity. It worked out that there’s an easy way to customize this in Resco app.


Here are the prerequisites:

The entity must have floating point number fields whose names end with “latitude” and “longitude.
Also, the precision needs to be set to 5 decimal numbers, Maximum Value to 180.00000, Minimum Value to -180.00000 for the Longitude, and Maximum Value to 90.00000, Minimum Value to -90.00000 for Latitude

Next step is to have a detail tab named exactly “Address” on the edit form.

Finally, to use the GPS fields for showing the record’s position on the map, on the edit form, the user needs to add a Map item and specify GPS fields to be used.

That’s it, you now have the custom entity with Geocode actions enabled on it.