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Querying entity/attribute metadata in Dynamics 365 from browser

We all usually go to a solution or the customization area to see the entity metadata, may it be attributes or properties related to the entity like auditing etc.

There are also tools that a lot of developers use like the Entity metadata browser, which is a solution that you install in your environment and can browse through the metadata in an easier manner.

What I find most productive is to query the metadata from the browser itself by forming the URL specific to the entity I am looking for.

So let’s say I want to see what all attributes/fields which are available on the account entity, here’s the URL that I would use:

https://{Organization base URL}/api/data/v9.1/EntityDefinitions(LogicalName=’account’)?$select=LogicalName&$expand=Attributes($select=LogicalName;)

This is how the output would look like:

You can use any JSON formatter of your choice to better present the data if you want:

Hope it helped :-)!


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