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Making custom entities Geocode enabled in Resco Mobile CRM App for Field Services

If you have worked with Resco Mobile CRM app for Field services, you would know that the Account entity which has Address fields (precisely Longitude and latitude fields) have Action buttons on the Map Section which allows the User to update Geocode or update the Address.


In our case, the Customer wanted the same experience for a custom entity. It worked out that there’s an easy way to customize this in Resco app.


Here are the prerequisites:

The entity must have floating point number fields whose names end with “latitude” and “longitude.
Also, the precision needs to be set to 5 decimal numbers, Maximum Value to 180.00000, Minimum Value to -180.00000 for the Longitude, and Maximum Value to 90.00000, Minimum Value to -90.00000 for Latitude

Next step is to have a detail tab named exactly “Address” on the edit form.

Finally, to use the GPS fields for showing the record’s position on the map, on the edit form, the user needs to add a Map item and specify GPS fields to be used.

That’s it, you now have the custom entity with Geocode actions enabled on it.



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